Friendships Found Me

I wondered through life – albeit not aimlessly – finding and subsequently understanding the reasons of my being. I believe everyone had passed through the stage of wondering the purpose of their life. And I said “passed” because I am of the belief that they only experienced it once, then quickly go on with their lives, fulfilling what they set out to do.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) not me. I use reason to explain every chances, events and happenings that occurred in my life, basically to comfort myself. I don’t know where did I learned to do that, but somehow it gave me relief and a hope (especially during the times that I hurt so much), that everything would turn out fine.

And that helps clarify things why I seldom ventured into seeking and making things happen. I am very quick to philosophize that if it means to be, it really is meant to be. No need to be proactive in order for things and event to materialize.

That attitude is also prominent in my relationships, particularly in my friendships. Truly, I never seek out nor initiate friendships. I may get myself easily acquainted with people but I never get attached too easily. I am the sort that gets immensely picky when it comes to making friends. I never go out looking for friends. But blissfully it is friendship that found me.

That’s the reason why  it amazes me if I could form friendships with the least expected person or people and at the least expected time and place. Nevertheless, I always welcome it with utmost wonder and joy.

…A Friend That Sticks Closer Than a Brother,

IMG_7037Recently, and of course quite unexpectedly, I found (or maybe it found me) a special kind of kinship – and friendship – in  one of my students. Let me make it clear though, that almost all of my students are my friends. But this one prominently stands out. I could probably give innumerable reasons why but it could be summed up to this: we are fated to be friends. For how can I explain that invincible tie that effortlessly binds and made us stick to each other closer than we are to our blood brothers or sisters.

…Or a Sister

The friend that sticks closer than a brother was a new found friend. But I already haveIMG_7605 a friend that sticks closer than a sister. A friend whom I had shared a lot of things:  good and bad, inspiring and disappointing, exulting and depressing; a friend who stand with me when half of the world had walked out on me; a friend who loved the unlovable me. In short a best friend.

I can’t reasonably explain the whys, but I could always choose to just feel it deeply in my heart. And I wholly relish the anticipation of having these two friends remain with me through life’s ups and downs.

And maybe, even when I get old. 🙂


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