Getting a Rebond

I had already made an appointment to have my hair rebonding for the second time. It’s gonna be tomorrow. And the time in between, I am now spending balancing the pros and cons over hair rebonding.

Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that supposedly can make hair sleek, glossy and straight. In short, it can make hair beautiful. I have this initial belief that the chemicals used that can work the magic of turning dry lifeless hair in something gorgeous may also damage it.  Yes, any chemical treatment on the hair can hugely affect its texture and quality. Extreme substance applications or misapplications can make hair dry and brittle that may even lead to hair fall.

If I want to keep my locks healthy and beautiful, I guess investing in post treatment care is necessary to avoid hair disaster. Pampering my hair would not be so great a price to pay to ensure that my rebonded tresses stays fine-looking. Plus, it would also ensure the avoidance of possible hair loss.

So, what must I do after the rebond? The following steps might not be surefire ways of keeping my crown of hair well and strong, but they surely can be of help:

  • Use shampoo specifically for straight hair
  • Condition hair after every shampoo
  • Use wide-toothed comb when combing hair
  • Apply oil regularly
  • Towel hair dry. Avoid the use of blow dryers as much as possible
  • Comb hair softly when it is wet. Hair is more sensitive when wet
  • Trim hair at least once a month to keep split ends at bay

Armed with these tips, I now can feel confident in going to the hairstylist to have my hair rebonded. Good luck to me and to my soon to be lustrous locks.